Thursday, September 21, 2023

Colombia: The diverse natural scenery in the country is spectacular.

With Vast Coastlines, Spectacular Sunsets Over the Sea Abound.

With Three Major Mountain Ranges, Stunning Panoramas are a Feast for the Eyes.


A Four-Day Hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Lost City is a trek of a lifetime! 



        Tayrona National Park on the Caribbean Coast is a Gem !



 La Guajira Desert Peninsula is Another Amazing Landscape.




            With the mesmerizing aqua waters never far from view. 


Cabo de la Vela                                     

Wax Palms, the tallest Palm Trees in the World, Create Fairyland Forests in the Coffee Region. 

Unique in the World, Canos Cristales' Rainbow River and Surroundings are Beautiful Beyond Words. 

Colombia: The beauty of the country is mirrored in its glowing faces.


People Greeted Me With Open Arms and Enchanting Smiles 


Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Colombia: Vicki is thrilled to meet and work with local potters.

 Black Clay Potters of La Chamba Create World Reknown Ceramicwares, and Welcome Me into Their Studios.


   Work is Carefully Placed in Metal Barrels, and Heated in Wood-Fueled Ovens.  

The Barrels are then Carefully Pulled Out, Shoveled with Horse Manure, and Covered, to Smoke and Obtain their Signature Black Coloring.



Around Raquira town, Potters Continue Techniques Passed Down over Generations.

On La Guajira Penninusula, the Ameche Family of Potters and I Shared our Knowledge, and Memorable Days Together.