Saturday, March 28, 2015

Galleried Ceramics

Green Flash Casseroles

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Porcelain Bowls

White Stoneware, Soda Fired, made in Japan

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Majestic Tumblers

Green Flash Cups

Vicki Finkel at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Colorado, on Ceramic Scholarship Residency

Water, rock, cloud-dappled blue sky.
Majestic peaks and valleys

Colorado's impressive natural beauty is an ideal setting in which to immerse oneself in creativity.
Even the bears want to be potters, as this one approached the studio.

It's an honor to learn from Japanese master potter and living national treasure, Takashi Nakazato, a 13th generation potter, as he demonstrates his impressive, well-honed techniques.
With only a dusting of snow on the mountains, people store their skis until winter, or

find other uses for them in the off-season.

Learning from Tara Wilson, who is attaching a handle to her finely crafted and elegant pitcher.

Delighting in first sightings of work in the just fired soda kiln.

Enjoying a local farmer's market.
Back at work on the potter's wheel in the studio.

Nature's bounty of mountains, sun, sky, and aspen trees enrich each day, and truly inspired my work. 
Forms, such as these cups, echo the natural contours and undulations of the environment around me.

The glaze hues, and rich soda-firing hint at the earthy tones outside the studio.
Bowls ready to be fired.
Tara Wilson loading her pitchers in the wood kiln. 

Stoking the wood fire, a three-day process. 

Some of Vicki's finished work.

Finished cups, mirroring the rugged yet serene landscape surrounding me as I worked in Colorado.

About Vicki Finkel Ceramics

I never dreamed of being a ceramic artist, and now I can not envision my life without making pottery.

Vicki on the potter's wheel, a bowl is born.

After working years as a freelance journalist in Africa, then as a documentary filmmaker, and becoming a psychotherapist, I was fortunate to unexpectedly discover a new passion,  working with clay.  Today, my travels enable me to learn from master potters around the world. 

Vicki carving a porcelain vase in Korea.

To express myself through clay in colors and forms that speak to people is an immense honor and gift.  

Vicki experimenting with a new handbuilt form.

The potter's wheel is an ideal tool. 

Vicki "throwing" a porcelain vase on the potter's wheel.

 Working with clay is exciting with its limitless possibilities. 

Vicki creating a teapot spout on the potter's wheel.

I love to combine working on the wheel with enhancing by hand.

Wheel-made bowls and cups transformed by hand,  drying outside a studio in Japan.

I delight in playing with color and form to create unique functional art to be used and cherished.

Finished work glistening in the sun.