Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Kyrgyzstan, Local culture and unique sights abound

                           Lepyoshka, the beautiful local bread is a mainstay.  

Baked on the walls of the traditional stone ovens. 

Handmade textiles are central to the culture. 

A local textile artist in front of her work displayed at the Fine Arts Museum, Bishkek. 

      Even the ice cream cones come in a fantastic array of colors !

Markets are filled with appetizing dried nuts and fruits.

Local spices, colorful, and flavorful. 

The local sour milk curd balls, Qurut, are an acquired taste. 

Local fruits are sweet and tasty, and the melons are enormous!

Grave markers in Burana date from the 6th century. 

Eye catching shutters in Karakol. 

              Kalpak, the traditional high-crowned caps, abound, and keep heads warm in the winter and the sun out in bright, hot days. 

               And headscarves are commonly worn by women.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Kyrgyzstan, Vicki gives a clay workshop, and visits local artists

I am so fortunate to have given a clay workshop in Bishkek.

Giving an introduction at the workshop, at the Sunshine school and studio in Bishkek. 

Students were so appreciative.

Local potters shared their techniques with me.

Excellent Work !

Ceramic Artists also invited me to their studios, and homes. 

Artist's studio, sharing breakfast on handmade ceramic dishes. 

Such striking coil work! 

I had fun visiting some local painters as well. 

Visiting the artist Datka, at her studio in Osh, 

as well as another exhibited Osh artist.