Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Vietnam Faces, Vicki meets people outside the clay studio.

Vietnam's urban and rural landscapes teem with vibrant color;  its people exude warmth and vitality. 

A Red Dao woman returning home in the terraced rice fields in Northern Vietnam.

 Women selling chili peppers in Lung Phin's weekly market.

Sewing peppers together at the Lung Phin market. 

Shopping for weekly staples, no time to remove one's motorcycle helmet.

Off to the market, child sleeping comfortably.

Gathering firewood with a trusty motorbike in Northern Rice Terraces.

A Hanoi hat salesman during a slow moment amidst his display.

Well protected from the sun, with hat, gloves, and long sleeves, a fruit vendor ambles through the capital. 

A human beauty among impressive ceramic works.

Dexterous hands at work,  creating iconic lanterns in Hoi An.

No shortage of ripe, colorful fruits for sale.

Any place is good for an outdoor haircut. 

A woman harvesting rice in the fields, outside Hue.

Hauling away the load.

A deep soul near his farm outside Hoi An.

A welcoming fish vendor in the Mekong Delta. 

Selling varieties of rice.

A rope vendor patiently awaiting a sale and having a smoke.

Greeting the day exercising by Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi.

Enjoying early morning laugh therapy.

A balloon vendor barely visible amidst her goods.

A quiet moment, as a monk performs prayer rituals in a monastery outside Hue. 

Making the ubiquitous conical sun hats. 

Preparing to play another round at the mall in Hue. 

Catching up on the news.

Filling a custom order. 

Scouring for the choice avocado.

Spring rolls for sale, individually made with caring hands and a special family recipe.

Tastiest spring rolls ever, served fresh and with a smile.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Vicki Finkel exploring Vietnam outside the clay studio

In Vietnam nearly every outdoor space is used as an eatery.

A young boy beginning his day with breakfast at a typical outdoor food stall in Hanoi.

Pho is the most common Vietnamese breakfast fare, a noodle soup, with fresh greens, usually meat, and condiments, chili and lime. Freshly prepared, a hearty way to start one's day.

A fresh serving of Pho from a street vendor in the capital, Hanoi. 

Everyone seems to be going somewhere, and usually on a motorcycle.
Morning congestion in Hanoi.

One has to rise and commute early to beat the masses on the roads.

A coconut vendor with her wares pedaling down the highway at dawn. 

Infants seem unfazed by the roar of incessant traffic. But where are the infant helmets?  
Or even adult ones at times?

A family navigating its way in downtown Hanoi. 

Bicycles allow vendors to transport their goods, and have an instant roadside display.

A fruit vendor ready to cycle and sell throughout town.

Fresh rambutan fruit on sale from her bicycle.

A vegetable vendor, with abundant greens. 

Various leaves used extensively in the Vietnamese cuisine. 

A flower vendor in early morning.

It's truly amazing what people manage to transport on a bicycle. 
A man hauling fishing baskets and more on a rural road. 

While many people work hard pedaling their goods, others use early morning to start their day with a workout. 

Group Zumba at 5 a.m. 

Greeting the sunrise limbering up together. 

After all that exercise, some might be ready for a sweet. 
A kitty cake might fit the bill. 

Or, perhaps, more of a salty snack is in order. 

Crab snack crackers, ready to grab and go, or "crab"and go. 

Then, some might need a rest.

 A vendor catching a quick morning nap after setting up shop.

And then some begin the day with a morning prayer session.

Outside Hue, a monk engages in early morning prayer rituals. 

A young monk-to-be taking a break from studies to enjoy a moment with a friendly pal. 

In many area of Vietnam, waterways are central transport links, and boats are often more useful than bicycles. 

Bananas transported for sale in the Mekong delta. 

One of many homes in the Mekong.

An outdoor kitchen.