Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Albania, Artists and their work dazzled my senses, and welcomed me to their studios.

Eye-catching ceramics, and woven fabrics vibrantly stand out on studio shelves and street displays


Handmade Production Ceramics is created with passion, by master potter Vasil Kukaj, in his village studio near Lezhe. 

A son assists Vasil move a just-thrown large vessel from the wheel. 

Extruding clay for handles. 

His is a family run business. In addition to his son, his two brothers and wife assist in the process. 

Even clay is made on site, with material acquired from the local area. 

With extraordinary detail and precision, his wife paints traditional Albanian motifs and colors on the work. 

With an immense and entrancing self-built workspace and showroom, as large and as busy as an airplane hangar, Vasillaq Kolevica creates unique ceramic forms out of his own clay produced on site, in Korce. 

He can make about 4 tons of clay in two days.

There is no shortage of unique
Albanian ceramic artwork to enjoy, and such welcoming artists!

Such a lovely day I spent with Tirana-based artist and professor, Irena Buzi.

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