Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Albania, Historic Places Enchant in All Directions


Old Stone Towns, Castles and Forts fill the visitor with a deep sense of history at virtually every turn. 

Rozafa Castle, Shkodra. 

Impressive Ottoman Mesi Bridge, Shkodra,  18th Century. 

Butrint is a stunner, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this Archeological Island National Park, has been inhabited for over 50,000 years, and is now home to impressive structures from ancient Greek and Roman cities. 

Gjirokaster's castle is a wonder to behold. 

Ali Pasha bridge, over 200 years old, Gjirokaster. 

Old cobblestone road meandering through the Stone town of Gjirokaster. 

Towns, ancient and modern, are the backdrop for daily activity. 

Traditional handiwork for modern designs. 

Berat, the city of 1000 windows, is breathtaking.

Mangalem historic neighborhood at the foot of the Berat castle. 

And the Berat castle is pure magic, exceptionally so at sundown, and beyond words magnificent under a glowing rainbow. 

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